What is the function of a Tarot reading?

Two years ago, a variety of answers to the question ‘What is Tarot?’ was presented in this Newsletter (#12). During the December 2005 Melbourne Tarot Café, a similar yet quite distinct question was asked, for which replies were requested in a thread on Aeclectic’s tarotforum.net. So…

…what is the function of the tarot reading? with the question left undefined allowing its myriad senses play in the replies.

The function of tarot for me is to allow insights into situations and even just life in general that you may not have known or thought of as yet. It helps to solve problems and gain clarity.


The purpose of the tarot reading is to provide a trigger to jar memories, feelings and ideas loose from the dark recesses of the mind (heart/soul) and to stimulate dialogue with the higher self.


To me, the function of a tarot reading is to help querents gain insight into their past, present, and future; to assist querents in making difficult choices; and to generally give querents the opportunity to explore issues and questions that they would not feel comfortable talking about in any other context.