Eating Your Way to Psychic Powers

The process of reading tarot cards requires excellent psychic ability. A deep act of meditation has to take place sometimes to come up with the right information from the tarot cards. This activity can be draining, especially for someone still developing their psychic powers.

One of the things that can help your psychic and spiritual development is incorporating a proper diet. Eating food isn’t meant to fill your stomach only; it is medicine for both your body and spirit.

Nourishing your spirit gives you high levels of sensitivity. You’ll be able to access higher spiritual realms and gain broader knowledge. The information you’ll receive will be more accurate, and you’ll always function at your best. It’s therefore essential to eat the right meal, as it helps you to use your psychic gifts.

The Right Diet For Your Psychic Powers

You have to be careful about what you eat. All foods have either a positive or negative energy. These energies or vibrations can transfer to your spirit when you eat. For this reason, the source of what you ingest matters. If an animal experiences fear and pain in its lifetime, that energy will be in its meat. When you consume such beef, you can absorb the negative energy.

If you must eat meat, do so in small quantities and be sure it’s from an ethical source. Similarly, chemically-treated plants and processed foods also transmit negative vibrations.

Your diet should contain fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, fresh organic fish, and whole grains. You should incorporate any food with antioxidant properties like onions, turmeric, and garlic into your diet. These foods can boost your spirit and help you fine-tune your abilities. Due to their high energies, you’ll have more access to the spirit and receive deeper knowledge when you eat them.

Some things to avoid are alcohol and caffeine. If you smoke, you’ll need to quit the habit, and if you take lots of sugar, substitute for honey instead.

6 Eating Tips To Help Your Psychic Ability

1. Find Time to Detox

The first step to eating right is to detox your system. Pick a week where you’re free to conduct a thorough cleansing. During this period, avoid eating heavy foods. This time is perfect for dealing with your cravings for junk food and learning to eat foods that have high vibrations. You may want to talk to your doctor before you start, in case you have a medical condition.

Along with detoxing your body, you’ll also need to detox your environment and social circles. Avoid gatherings of friends that can distract you. Take out time to declutter your home and clean up your rooms. You can also do an outdoor cleaning of your garden or yard with an appropriate garden tool.

This detox week is also a time to clean out your grill with a good grill brush. You can have better, safer cleaning, with a compatible grill brush. Detoxing this way will allow positive energy to flow around you freely and also prepare you for the days ahead.

2. Eat Moderately

When you eat heavily, your food takes longer to digest, and this can add strain to your body. Serve yourself moderate portions of food to avoid overeating. One way to overeat is eating in a hurry. When you eat fast, you may not realize that you’re full, and you’ll keep eating. If you do eat slowly, you’ll be able to notice on time when you get full.

3. Chew Your Foods

Even when eating moderately, you’ll have to remember to chew your food. Try to use the breaks in between your bites to chew thoroughly. This habit helps your system digest food better and function well. When your organs and systems are functioning rightly, it can help to clear your spirit.

4. Avoid Emotional Eating

Emotional eating might be a result of anxiety, and it can lead to unnecessary weight gain. When you feel anxious, don’t turn to food since it won’t help in the long run. Instead, embrace meditation to relax and clear your mind. You might also want to get help from your doctor

5. Avoid Routine Foods

You’ll have to incorporate a variety of foods into your diet. Eating the same meal daily for breakfast or lunch is not advisable for your health. You need a balanced diet to be in a good state of health and mind. Also, overindulging in one food may induce images of it in your visions, and this might lead to you reading the wrong vision.

6. Drink Clean Water

Eating your way to nourishment is incomplete without drinking water. You have to make a habit of drinking water regularly. Go for clean and purified water to revitalize your body. Water has high vibrations that can help you to increase your energy.


Your eating lifestyle plays a significant role in helping your psychic powers. Don’t forget a habit of going about with other activities or worrying about your finances without taking your nourishment into account.

Since you need to increase your energy to improve your visions, you’ll have to be conscious of what you ingest. Try to eat only the right kind of food and altogether avoid bad eating habits. Foods rich in antioxidants, void of processed sweeteners, and from an ethical source can help you to develop your gifts.